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So, You Had To Throw Away Your Dog’s Favorite Toy…

So, You Had To Throw Away Your Dog’s Favorite Toy…

If your dog currently has or has had Parvovirus, it is important to throw away things you cannot clean with bleach in order to prevent the virus from living in your home.  We know this can be upsetting, especially if your dog has a favorite toy that he will have to part with.  The good news?  You can take this opportunity to spoil your pup who has been fighting for his life, and surprise him with new toys and comforting items to love!


Throwing Away Porous Items

The virus can live in the environment and on items in your home unless they are properly cleaned.  Many bleaching So, You had to throw your dog's favorite toy awayproducts do not work on porous objects such as dog toys, fabric collars, dog beds, and blankets. Unfortunately, this means that you will need to get rid of those items.  A bleach and water mixture must be used on all hard surfaces like floors and cabinets, and a bleaching agent should be used to wash clothing and soft materials as well.  For fabrics and porous objects that cannot be washed with bleach, make sure to throw them away (along with the virus).


A Chance To Spoil Your Pup

Take this as an opportunity to buy your dog some new toys after being so sick!  Your dog may not have his favorite squeaky bone anymore, but you can surprise him with a few new toys or stuffed animals for when he is feeling better and ready to play again.

A few of our favorite dog toys include:

1. ZippyPaws Squeak Toy

2. Pacific Pups Dog Ropes

3. Kong


Although it can be a bummer to have to throw away what seems like perfectly good items, it is 100% worth it to ensure the safety and well-being of your dog.  Let us know what your dog’s favorite toys are, and what you suggest other for other pups to enjoy!


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